Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Exam week..yet didn't mood lar deyy..nothing goes in my mind when I start reading..Today's exam was ok lar..I hope I can get A for agama..I noe I flunked my everything but seems like my mind is juz not working..was pissed about the agama exam..ustazah lar..she was the one who set the paper..tapi ape yang dia tak suruh bace keluar..kalau dah ajar tu boleh ar diterima sket..tapi yang dia tak ajar tu yg keluar..pastu pasal cogan kata yang dapat memotivasikan diri melalui bulan ramadhan..WTH..I just crap jew..Bulan puasa ialah bulan berdiet..btol pew..Bulan puasa maknanye dah nak dekat raya..Betol ape..anyways..esk ade seni, maths and geo..takut maths and geo to go..daa..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ditujukan kepada A

A dah berubah..tak macam yang Qila kenal kat I seem colder towards it sumthing that i do or is it because you don't L me..i really L you..and i want you to know it..i juz need your firm answer wether you still L me or you don't anymore..i admit that if you say that you don't L me, i will be extremely sad but i must accept least i don't have to think 'bout how you feel towards me anymore..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another gloomy day..donno what's happening to me..i'm juz freaking worried about sumthing..damn school also got no mood..nothing much happen in my life's just another boring life..izreen i'm not mad at you lar..buat ape nak marah kat ko..tau pon training today kena marah from mr. ong..scary la deyy..but then we play catching..quite fun..but swimming rite, we all dying..dah la dah lama tak more stamina liao..kene 4x50m..then have to start the set again..die die that also wanna die ady..camne nak run for adidas king of the road?? aiyooo..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear whoever,

I'm feeling sad, depress, confuse..All because of "sumone"..I really donno what "sumone" is day "sumone" being nice to me..the next day "sumone" try to avoid me..i don't understand la..very tired to think about it..but i can't stop thinking 'bout "sumone".."sumone" pls give me a straight answer..Plsss..cannot tahan head wanna burst already..IRLY sumone..

deep from my heart,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm a newbie..

Hey people..I'm new here k..Don't bully me..Or i'll kill you..muahaha..serious la joke..i am gonna kill you all..stop at school world war 3 telah meletus..khairina is sooo damn SENGAL..sampai ati ko ckp aku tak suci..touching tau..huhu..crazee at the pool..the boys all fun la..the jokes all funny and shit only..haha..Amanda lagilah gila..she just can't freaking stop laughing..three days berturut-turut relay ady..boys just can't beat the girls..pity them lar..always lose to us and kena punish..anyways, i'm gonna use bahasa rojak here..don't comment my bahasa..see you next post..bubbye..

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